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Terri Atkin

Terri Atkin

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Hi, I'm Terri. I’m The Tarot Alchemist for women and founder of Sage and Seeker Tarot. I support corporate and business women seeking greater success using a blend of intuitive tarot reading and energy healing alchemy.

My career encompasses over 40 years of intuitive tarot readings alongside experience working in business and corporate environments. I’ve assisted company directors and CEOs, supported entrepreneurs, catered to millionaires, and coached and mentored numerous women in wellbeing and fitness.

It’s my belief that when one woman rises we all rise. I’m always refining and polishing my expertise and my focus now is on supporting business women to elevate their life and inspire women everywhere to be the best they can be.

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Events: parties, hen's nights, retreats

Self care & wellbeing activities

Women's social and network events

Goal setting, life improvement coaches

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