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All Things Notion

Notion is an extremely versatile and customisable platform that allows you to integrate all of your tasks, documents, ideas and creativeness in one place.

With Notion you can build a custom workspace that suits you and your business needs.  Check out my free template, Notion program and membership group below.

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Free Template

Business Information Hub

Designed for people who have a basic understanding of Notion, this template gives you the foundation and framework for bringing all your business information into Notion. 

Notion Freebie.png
Offers & Freebies.png
To Do List.png
Content Hub.png

The Business Information Hub is a Notion template that is completely customisable to suit you and your business.

It's a simple, streamlined workspace where you can:

  • store all of your business information,

  • link to other programs that you use on a regular basis

  • jot down notes, reminders, to-do lists, etc

  • attach images, PDFs and other documentation

The template is your starting point, it gives you the foundation and framework to bring everything you use in your business into one place.

Inside the Business Information Hub I've included space for you to add your:

  • Messaging

  • Business Systems

  • To-Do List

  • Content Hub

  • Income & Expenses

  • Resources

  • Quick Links

  • Social Media Links and so much more

3 Week Notion Program

Business Untangled:

Organise your Business with Notion

If you're brand new to Notion, I have the Business Untangled program which will take you from newbie to skilled in just 3 weeks.  It is a group program, with a series of short video tutorials, and 6 x 1 hour implementation / Q&A Zoom calls to help you customise Notion to work for your business needs.

Social Media Plan.jpg
BD 1.jpg
Business Untangled Calendar.jpg
BU 2.jpg

Business Untangled is a 3 week hands-on group program designed to help you get super organised in your business.

Over the 3 weeks, I'll help you organise your business information so you can easily access what you need, when you need it.  You'll learn how to use Notion and take advantage of it's simple, organisational structure.

Think of Notion as the filing cabinet for your business files, where everything is organised, categorised and easy to find.


During our 3 weeks together, I'll walk you through how to use Notion through a series of short videos then you'll be able to implement your learnings during our live online group Zoom calls.

You can use the Zoom calls to get things done, ask questions, get feedback & support from myself and the others in the group.

Plus we have a private Facebook group so you can get help, guidance and support along the way.


Ongoing Notion Support:

Notion Insiders

The Notion Insiders is a community of like-minded Notion users who support and encourage each other so we can all learn, grow & succeed together!

Each month we cover a new topic so you can learn more about how Notion works and the more advanced features it has to offer.  I'll provide a new video tutorial each month plus you'll have access to all previous month's videos.

We'll also have 2 x implementation / Q&A sessions per month so you can meet the other Notion Insiders, ask questions, get feedback and have some focused time in Notion.

Plus we have a private Facebook group to provide support and feedback along the way.

The Notion Insiders Circle is currently $15 per month*

Hi there! I'm Sandra Buckley

Sandra Buckley & Laptop

I'm the founder of InSync Business Connections and I have a passion for helping small business owners get organised, systemised and automated so they can spend more time doing what they love to do.

My superpower lies in getting 'things' organised and using technology to make business easier.

I've always been known as the systems girl and I love nothing more than creating an Excel spreadsheet with formulas and automations, that can simplify all of those mundane tasks.


I've now transitioned to Notion, and dare I say it (I love it more than Excel).  The simplicity of the organisational structure in Notion is what got me hooked.

With a background in business operations & 30 years experience in corporate, I now train entrepreneurs in business organisation, planning and systemisation.

My ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs to be bold, confident & courageous on their business journey.

  • How do I connect with other business owners?
    All members in our business directory are open to connecting and collaborating with other business owners. To find a business to collaborate with, search the Member Directory by Industry type and read their profile to decide if this a business you would like to connect with. Their contact details are available on their profile.
  • It seems rather cheap?
    We've kept the price resonable so all levels of small business owners can afford the membership fee, from people just starting out to experienced, long-standing business owners.
  • Why would I join a membership site to connect with other business owners?
    InSync Business Connections opens the door for like-minded business owners to connect. Every business on the site has been vetted, operates in Australia and is already open to collaborating with other business owners. Unlike physical networking events where you don't know if the person sitting next to you is someone you can collaborate with, InSync Business Connections allows you to target the exact industry & business owners within that industry.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership, click on your name at the top of any InSync web page and select "My Subscriptions" from the drop down menu. You'll see your membership subscriptions listed, select the subscription you wish to cancel and select "Cancel Subscription". Your membership will cancel as at the date shown, so you will retain all membership benefits until the cancellation date. If you cancel within the 30 day trial period, you will not be charged. Refunds are not issued. Your membership remains open until your cancellation date.
  • I have a very niche market, so how would it work for me?"
    Even those businesses with a very niche market can still connect & collaborate with other business owners. Many of our members have very niche markets, which makes the site the perfect platform to find other niche business owners. If your business only collaborates with large organisations, than this site may not be suitable.
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