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List Building for Beginners

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Imagine in just 5 days, you'll have an irresistible lead magnet that your audience loves and a growing list of new prospects excited to buy from you!

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Are you utterly overwhelmed & confused by this whole world of lead magnets & list building?


Have you been left feeling frazzled & frustrated by the technology, making you want to toss the whole thing in the too-hard basket?

Guess what.........You're not alone!

When you started your business you wanted to focus on helping people & doing what you love... right?

Then you hear all of these terms lead magnet, landing pages, email sequencing and people tell you, you need a freebie, you need a list and you think, it's all too hard......  I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing!

I get it...

I was exactly the same and so are many of other small business owners I work with.

This is the reason I created the 5 Day Bootcamp.

I've seen the power of email marketing and how it has changed my business and others I've worked with. People sign up for my courses and events because I send out emails.

Now I know what you're thinking...

You don't want to be spammy, you don't want to annoy people, we all get so many emails every day and you don't want to add to that.

What if I told you, when you connect with the right audience, they actually look forward to hearing from you.

Amazing right!!!! 

Now imagine that for your business...

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So, What's This 5 Day Bootcamp Thingy All About

This is a 5-day hands-on training, where I'll take you on a journey, step-by-step through the fundamentals of building your email list and help you create a thriving list of prospective customers.


No more confusion or tech jargon!

What's Included?

Here's what we'll cover over the 5 days:


Day 1 Lead Magnets

Creating Your Irresistible Freebie

We'll look at:

  • What is a lead magnet

  • Why you need one

  • What to use as your freebie

  • How to create it



Day 2 Landing Page Copy

Crafting Compelling Copy & Creating Images

I'll share with you:

  • How to write copy for your landing page

  • What images you'll need

  • How to include social proof

  • What copy you need for your thank you page


Day 3 - Landing Page

Creating Your Landing Page in Mailer Lite

We'll look at:

  • What is a landing page & why you need one

  • How to set up a landing page in Mailer Lite

  • How to create your thank you page

  • How to update the URL



Let's Get Writing

I'll share with you:

  • What you need before you start writing

  • A simple formula for writing your emails

  • What images to include

  • The different types of emails to use

Day 4 - Email Copy


Day 5 Email Sequence Image

Using Mailer Lite to Create Your Sequence

I'll show you how to:

  • Set up a group

  • Use triggers to start the email sequence

  • Create the automation that sends out your emails

  • What to do with your subscribers afterwards



  • You'll receive a workbook where you can write down your ideas and follow along while watching the replays

  • A reference guide that gives you more details and examples to help you get started

Adult Students

Are You Thinking... Is This Bootcamp For Me?

Now that's a great question!

If you've been thinking about creating a lead magnet for awhile now but haven't gotten around to it because you're just not sure what to use as your freebie.

Or, maybe, you've got your lead magnet, but you don't really understand the technology you need to get it out to the world.

Then, you're in the right place.

This bootcamp will give you, the step by step actions you need, to take your lead magnet from an idea to reality.  It will walk you through the tech, the terminology and the process to finally get your freebie working for you.

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Bootcamp Replay Sign up
List Building for Beginners 5 Day Bootcamp Replay

$25 (AUD)

At the End of the Bootcamp

You'll have the skills & knowledge to create:

  • A fantastic lead magnet that you can share on your social media pages, website, etc

  • A fabulous landing page that gives your ideal client a reason to sign up for your freebie

  • An email sequence that works automatically for you, 24/7

  • A growing email list so that you can create a relationship with your prospects and take them on a journey so they want to buy from you.

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Hi there! I'm Sandra Buckley

Sandra Buckley & Laptop

I'm the founder of InSync Business Connections and I have a passion for helping small business owners build their own automated lead generation machine so they can have a continuous flow of new prospects coming in the door 24/7.

My superpower lies in simplifying technology & providing step by step processes, giving small business owners the knowledge & courage to use technology to their advantage.

With a background in business operations & 30 years experience in corporate, I now train entrepreneurs in business strategy, systemisation, list building & social media content creation.

My ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs to be bold, confident & courageous on their business journey.

  • How do I connect with other business owners?
    All members in our business directory are open to connecting and collaborating with other business owners. To find a business to collaborate with, search the Member Directory by Industry type and read their profile to decide if this a business you would like to connect with. Their contact details are available on their profile.
  • It seems rather cheap?
    We've kept the price resonable so all levels of small business owners can afford the membership fee, from people just starting out to experienced, long-standing business owners.
  • Why would I join a membership site to connect with other business owners?
    InSync Business Connections opens the door for like-minded business owners to connect. Every business on the site has been vetted, operates in Australia and is already open to collaborating with other business owners. Unlike physical networking events where you don't know if the person sitting next to you is someone you can collaborate with, InSync Business Connections allows you to target the exact industry & business owners within that industry.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership, click on your name at the top of any InSync web page and select "My Subscriptions" from the drop down menu. You'll see your membership subscriptions listed, select the subscription you wish to cancel and select "Cancel Subscription". Your membership will cancel as at the date shown, so you will retain all membership benefits until the cancellation date. If you cancel within the 30 day trial period, you will not be charged. Refunds are not issued. Your membership remains open until your cancellation date.
  • I have a very niche market, so how would it work for me?"
    Even those businesses with a very niche market can still connect & collaborate with other business owners. Many of our members have very niche markets, which makes the site the perfect platform to find other niche business owners. If your business only collaborates with large organisations, than this site may not be suitable.
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