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Are you struggling to stay focused on the important things in your business?

Do you find yourself easily side-tracked & distracted by shiny things?

Are you always busy but not seeing the results?


Guess what... You're not alone!

So many small business owners get caught up in the busyness of running their business, they're trying hard to get stuff done but the distractions and disruptions all too often, get in the way.

As small business owners we know what needs to be done, but we don't always find the time to focus on the things that bring in the money.

And when nobody is looking over your shoulder and holding you accountable it can be so easy to get lost in all that busyness.

This is why I created The Doers Circle!

What is

The Doers Circle

The Doers Circle is a weekly group check-in via Zoom where you set one intention / goal for the week that helps you move your business forward.  


Anything from creating a website, offering a new service, setting up a landing page, creating a lead magnet, recording a podcast, etc. Then you put together a plan to make it happen.  

The whole purpose of setting one intention is so that it's not overwhelming, so you can easily implement it into your current schedule.

How Does it Work?

Each week we’ll get together as group (max of 8 in each session), each person will have 5 to 6 minutes to discuss their intention & plan for the week. You’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback during this time, for example, if you’re feeling unsure on what to focus on for the week, you can ask the group for help.

We’ll also share our accomplishments and achievements over the past week and celebrate our wins.

This will be safe place where we support each other to achieve our goals.

The Doers Circle Zoom Session_edited.jpg

The Doers Circle is much more than just a Zoom catch-up.  It's an opportunity to build real connections with like-minded business owners.  It's a space where you can brainstorm ideas, ask for feedback, get support, share your wins and so much more.

Plus we have a

Private Facebook Group

We also have a private Facebook Group just for The Doers Circle members. If you’re unable to attend one week, you can share you’re intentions, plans, wins etc in the group.

We’ll use this group to help us stay focused and on track. You can use the group to ask questions, get support and encouragement, share your achievements, have a vent and so much more.

What's the Cost

Always a good question! 


If you join The Doers Circle before 31st January 2024, the monthly subscription amount is just $25*, this will never increase unless you cancel & re-join.


From 1st February, 2024 the price will be $33* per month.  There are no lock in contracts, so you can decide on a month to month basis.

*Australian dollars, includes GST

Try Before You Buy

With so many options out there for small business owners, how do you know if The Doers Circle is right for you?

Well... You can try before you buy!

You can come along to a session, see how it works and decide if it is something you'd like to be part of.

No hard sell or pitch,  you'll get an email after your trial session, if you're interested you can sign up via the website, if not, no hard feelings!

To come along to a session, just enter your name and email address below, select your preferred time slot and you'll receive an email with the Zoom link, simply as that.

Please select your preferred time slot.
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