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Imagine having all of your social media posts planned and in one place, ready for posting!

What if you had all of your social media information, platforms, hashtags & links at your fingertips.

How about never having to search for content, images, hashtags, posts ever again?

Social Media Dashboard

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Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about posting on social media?

Have you tried lots of different social media systems only to be left disorganised, frustrated and feeling like it's all too hard?

Do you wish for a simple system where everything is organised, easily accessible and never gets lost in the black hole of seventeen billion word documents.

Yeah me too!

Which is why I created the Social Media Dashboard Notion template.

I was tired of recreating posts, forgetting where I saved images, trialling new systems every second week.

As a systems girl I knew there needed to be a better way! And so I went about creating a template where everything to do with my social media activities was in one place.

A place where I could capture ideas, upload my photos, link to my Canva app, write my posts and more.

And now I want you to feel as organised as I do...

Inside the Social Media Dashboard you'll have space to:

  • Create your social media strategy so you can manage your activities that align with your goals

  • Capture your social media ideas, no more thinking "where did I write that"

  • Plan and track your social media content in one place

  • Organise your content across multiple platforms

  • Track post performance to help refine your social media activities

  • Have access to your hashtags, resources and platform information at your fingertips.

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The Social Media Dashboard template is for you if...

You're tired of having all of your social media information all over the place.

You want one place where you can keep all of your social media content, images, hashtags, etc.

You've tried other programs like Asana & Trello and found they just didn't work for you.

You want one simple, easy to use system that helps you stay organised and efficient with your social media activities.

You don't have the time or the inclination to create your own Notion template, you just want someone to do it for you.

What Do I Need To Make The Template Work?

A Notion account and a basic understanding of how Notion works.  If you are a beginner, you can definitely use this template.

Time to watch the video tutorials, in total around 30 minutes.  If you're very familiar with Notion, you probably won't need to watch them all.

Some spare time to transfer your social media information over into the template.

Ready to Get Organised with Your Social Media Activities?

Grab your copy of the Social Media Dashboard template for just A$17.  You'll get immediate access including the video tutorials, transcripts and summaries, so you can start getting organised right now.

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Grab your copy of the Social Media Dashboard template today! 

AU Dollars: To purchase the template in Australian dollars, please use the form below.

US Dollars: To purchase the template in US dollars, please click here.  You will be redirected to my store on GumRoad.

Social Media Dashboard (Notion) template - $17 AUD

You will receive your copy of the template via email and will need to have a Notion account to use the template.  You will added to my mailing list where I share networking events, business tips and more. You can unsubscribe at any time and we respect your privacy, your details will never be shared or sold to third parties.  Please see our privacy policy in the footer below.

Due to the digital nature of this template, refunds are not available.

Hi there! I'm Sandra Buckley

Sandra Buckley & Laptop

I'm the founder of InSync Business Connections and I have a passion for helping small business owners get organised, systemised and automated so they can spend more time doing what they love to do.

My superpower lies in getting 'things' organised and using technology to make business easier.

I've always been known as the systems girl and I love nothing more than creating an Excel spreadsheet with formulas and automations, that can simplify all of those mundane tasks.


I've now transitioned to Notion, and dare I say it (I love it more than Excel).  The simplicity of the organisational structure in Notion is what got me hooked.

With a background in business operations & 30 years experience in corporate, I now train entrepreneurs in business organisation, planning and systemisation.

My ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs to be bold, confident & courageous on their business journey.

 InSync Business Connections
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