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Meet InSync Member - Terri Atkin

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Terri Atkin - Sage & Seeker Tarot

Terri Atkin is the founder of Sage and Seeker Tarot, and helps business women create greater success using a blend of intuitive tarot readings & energy healing alchemy.

Brief career bio:

Hi, I'm Terri. I’m The Tarot Alchemist for business women and founder of Sage and Seeker Tarot.

I support corporate and business women seeking greater success using a blend of intuitive tarot reading and energy healing alchemy.

My career encompasses over 40 years of intuitive tarot readings alongside experience working in business and corporate environments. I’ve assisted company directors and CEOs, supported entrepreneurs, catered to millionaires, and coached and mentored numerous women in wellbeing and fitness. I’ve been fortunate to travel widely and I’ve raised two beautiful humans as a single mum.

A bit about tarot and how I read the cards (for those who haven't experienced a reading before):

I read the cards intuitively in a way that resonates with the energy I pick up from my client. Thus a card doesn't always have the same meaning when I read it. Some readers do read using the same meaning each time and they can still be quite accurate but I choose to trust my intuition to guide me each time I read.

A tarot card reading provides a symbolic map of your life path. The cards reflect the energy around you and provide insights into how to navigate your circumstances. Just like using a GPS, you can find out where you are and where your path is likely to take you. You can see where delays or upsets might occur and prepare yourself, and you can discover alternative routes that could make your journey easier or more interesting.

Terri Atkin - Sage & Seeker Tarot

How my business started:

I turned my long time side-hustle into a bonafide business (huge learning curve) after leaving my corporate job in Sydney in May this year. Seemingly endless covid lockdowns took some of the shine off living in the harbour city while at the same time highlighting what really matters (at least to me) ie: being with friends and family. My adult children live in Brisbane, as do many good friends, and my parents reside on the Sunshine Coast. So here I am, still hustling but enjoying the benefits of time with family and doing a lot more tarot card reading.

About Sage and Seeker Tarot services:

My services are unique in that they not only provide tarot readings but intuitively pick up on client needs, provide support for the client to develop an action plan to make changes, and offer check-ins to help the client with accountability to make the changes. Thus my unique selling proposition is a combination of services not found elsewhere.

Sage and Seeker Tarot targets corporate and business women, specifically in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, but also Australia-wide via online video services. My target market is women of financial independence who have the discretionary funds to pay for services and the desire to improve their life circumstances. The market is growing as more and more people realise a desire for a better work/life balance and reject the work lifestyle that the western world was moving toward prior to covid.


I really enjoy networking and InSync has a wonderful blend of individuals involved and is continuing to gain more and more fabulous members. It's so helpful to meet other people who know something about what it is like to run a small business. It's an instant pick-me-up, a great way to learn new ideas, and there are always interesting people to meet and become friends with.

I'm open to collaborations with anyone who'd like to see what we can create together but in particular I'd like to work with other women's services such as yoga, meditation, women's circles, etc.

Connect with Terri:


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