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Meet InSync Member - Nelson Gomez Castro

Nelson, along with his wife Despina are the owners of House 11 Residential, a boutique independent, family-owned Property Management Agency in Brisbane. They manage properties Brisbane-wide for landlords Australia-wide.

Nelson Gomez Castro


We assist Brisbane residential rental property owners to secure and retain the right tenants while ensuring a positive return on their investment. The property management agency is owned and operated by my wife and me, giving you the reinsurance that you will receive consistent customer service. One of our goals is to deliver exceptional, high-quality customer service and maintain the long-term relationships we form over the years. We treat everyone with respect and integrity. As a result of our natural ability to select the most suitable and reliable tenants, so we can provide all our clients with a satisfying rental experience. We always do our best to leave people feeling that dealing with us was the most enjoyable experience they've ever had. We help all types of investors such as mum & dad investors, first-time investors, accidental investors, interstate and overseas investors, and multi-property investors.


Nelson Gomez Castro

Nelson has an abundance of experience, being in the Real Estate industry for almost a decade working alongside reputable agencies producing high results; he is highly motivated and enthusiastic about his ability to develop, build and maintain ongoing strong customer relationships. His dedication to support and assist is always achieved with success.

Why You Started Your Business:

Because we realised that there was a lack of good customer services in the Property Management sector and we want to make sure our clients are treated well and not just another number.

Collaborate With:

  • Home loan brokers

  • Buyers Agents

  • Developers

  • Anyone who has an investment property in Brisbane!

Outside Interests:

Football (Soccer), NRL, Cooking Spending time with my family Cruising

House 11 Residential logo


Ph: 04214 841 412


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