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Meet InSync Member - Melanie Yeoh

Melanie Yeoh profile picture, Sydney harbour bridge in the background

Melanie Yeoh is a kinesiologist and mindset coach, with a passion for helping business owners succeed and founder of The Business Kinesiologist.

Melanie is now dedicating her life to helping other business owners to grow their business, using the skills and knowledge that she’s acquired over her years of entrepreneurship.


Hi! I’m Melanie Yeoh, The Business Kinesiologist.

I wish I had a dollar for every time business owners say that they know what they need to do, but they just don’t do it!

I help solo business owners, especially healers and coaches, to take the stress out of business and get out of their own way. I do this by helping them create more alignment within their business and themselves so they can have the energy to create what they most desire.

Having run my own business for over 14 years, I discovered that business owners face 4 key problems.

  1. They don't have a clear vision of what their values are when it comes to their business and what they want out of their business

  2. They self-sabotage by believing things like, "I'm not good enough" or "I can't do it" or they are scared to put themselves out there for fear of rejection

  3. They lack consistency or certainty in their routines

  4. They don't have the accountability they need to keep them on track.

To solve these problems, I designed a program, where they can:

  • develop crystal clear clarity and focus on income-producing activities

  • clear their top priority stresses and let go of limiting beliefs

  • overcome their fears and patterns of self-sabotage and

  • become energetically aligned with who they want to be so they can show up with confidence and pizzazz.

I believe that to have a successful business, it's important to fall in love with all aspects of your business and have a tonne of fun along the way.

My personal motto is - "if it's not fun, it won't get done" and that life is all about manifesting more joy and happiness in your everyday life.

If you would like to become even more aligned with your business, check out my Business Alignment Masterplan here today -


The reason why I started The Business Kinesiologist, was because I was so stressed out in my 2nd year of running my remedial massage business

profile picture - Melanie Yeoh

that my body started to create a skin condition known as psoriasis all over my hands and elbows. Not a great look for a massage therapist, right?! And even though I saw a GP and dermatologist, they had no answers for me on how to cure it. During this time, I met a kinesiologist who helped me realise how potent the mind-body-spirit connection is. And that if my body could create it, it could also uncreate it. By working with my kinesiologist and my business coach together, I could clear out my underlying limiting beliefs, fears and unsupportive habits so that I could finally implement the strategies my business coach suggested. This made me realise that business isn't just about strategy. It's about your energy and how aligned you are with what you want to create. Because when you align your strategy and energy with your spirit or Soul, that is when magic and miracles manifest. This is why I combine science (mindset) with strategy (coaching) and spirit (kinesiology) in the work that I do.


Outside of work, I love to play golf, be in nature and work on my personal and spiritual development.


If you would like to find out more, book here:



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