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Meet InSync Member - Lea Winter

Lea is the founder of Bold Bookkeeping and helps Micro, Start-ups & Small Business owners to get control over their administration systems and finances, so they can work “IN” their business, while she & her team work “ON” your business!

Lea Winter

Saving you time for your family & money with your Accountant, Making Life Easier for your Business!


"Hi I am Lea, A Business Owner at LEACOM & BOLD BOOKKEEPING

Providing a Full Support System for your Business with Personalised Training & Tutoring on XERO, MYOB, QBO, including HR and Customer Services, with over 25years managing companies in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast."

I teach Micro/Small Businesses/Sole Traders how to keep their own accounts up to date easily through Lea's online Training Program, complete with pre-recorded tutorials on XERO, MYOB, QBO through subscriptions including one on one Zoom instructions


For Micro Businesses & Sole Traders We help Sole Traders with setup and their ongoing bookkeeping with little fuss!

For Small to Medium Businesses Bold Bookkeeping Online Courses help you with simple ways to keep your accounts and view your Income & Expense Reports and Reconcile your accounts ready for your accountant, saving you money and time to work on your own Business!


Free Business Health Check including Finances, employment options, insurances, IT, Websites, Building Management needs. Contact Lea on 0402 822 924


Subscription 1 1. Video Tutorial for all three accounting programs – Unlimited Access; 1/2 Zoom Training

Subscription 2 2. Video Tutorial for 2yrs of XERO accounting program in depth; One Hr Personalised Zoom Training

Subscription 3 3. Video Tutorial for 2yrs of MYOB accounting program in depth; One Hr Personalised Zoom Training

Why You Started Your Business:

To make life easier & to support other businesses to become successful, saving them time & money!

Collaborate With:

Accountants; anyone interested in collaborating

Outside Interests:

Singing, Yoga, Films


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