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Meet InSync Member - Justine Lawson

Liz Fleming

Justine Lawson is the founder of The Tapping Connection. She is an accredited EFT practitioner with a Diploma of Counselling, and brings 30 years of working with people and extensive experience training, teaching and working one-to-one in adult learning environments to supporting you.


Even as a child, I was curious about people and the whys behind their actions.

Unsurprisingly, my career has always centred on helping people, from tourism and hospitality to adult education, and now to embracing my true passion for supporting people more deeply in their personal development.

This is the learning that truly matters to me, although it is often an unlearning of outdated beliefs adopted at a young age.

I value the courage it takes to delve into your stuff, the authenticity on the other side once the 'I'm not enough' barriers are transformed, and how this helps you connect and thrive in life, personally and professionally, because you are enough.

As an Accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner with EFT International and owner of The Tapping Connection, I did my first training in 2014 after a friend introduced me to this weird and wonderful modality.

Since then, I have used this safe and gentle tool to release the stress and tension caused from holding onto my own outdated fears. Releasing these insecurities has effortlessly brought more confidence, clarity and calm to my life and now I would love to support you in finding this for yourself.

Always learning (and eating brownies!), I’ve since updated trainings and done higher level trainings including trauma informed EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Combined with qualifications in Counselling, Education and other modalities, this ensures I bring my passion for sharing EFT in an accessible and empowering way to support your emotional wellbeing, or collaborate in wellbeing offerings.

If you are ready to stop faking it and start making it with confidence, clarity and calm, I’m here to support you. Find out more about EFT Tapping, read testimonials and book a free 20-minute call to see if Tapping is right for you:



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