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Meet InSync Member - Branwen Gegg

Surya Harbour

Branwen is the founder of Branwen's Holistic Wellness, as well as having a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Health Science (Naturopathy) she has a passion for painting, hiking in nature, reading and spending time with her animals.


Branwen is a naturopath who specialises in helping busy professionals to overcome stress and burnout without sacrificing their career.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Health Science (Naturopathy) and over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. She has helped thousands of clients achieve their healthcare goals and reclaim their inner resilience. She uses therapies such as naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle change, and herbal remedies.

Branwen first discovered she wanted to study naturopathy working as a registered nurse in palliative care and oncology.

She witnessed that those with positive mindsets would commonly recover quicker and those who had lost hope would commonly deteriorate.

She realised there had to be a better way to support this. She was also dissatisfied with the ability of mainstream medicine to treat conditions such as stress and fatigue.

Whilst working and studying she was able to support herself in coping with stressors, emotions and fatigue with diet change, herbal medicine and flower essences. This inspired her passion of helping others working in busy professions to support their bodies, emotions, mental health, social and spiritual health; to find that sense of joy and balance; and finding resilience for stressors.


Branwen is interested in collaborating with any other health care practitioner in the industry interested in improving holistic health care.



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