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Melinda Smylie

Melinda Smylie

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We support the trade industry to elevate their business by handling the administration tasks so that you can focus on your craft. TVTA ensures every client interaction is positive with exceptional customer service in scheduling, client follow up and retention and business administration tasks.

Our passion comes from the ground up with over 20 years experience in the field of micro and small business development and our co founder who boasts an impressive career as carpenter and supervisor in residential and commercial projects.

With this wealth of hands-on experience we have a unique and deep understanding of the industry and challenges faced in the trade industry. This allows us to tailor our services to match the demands of the business allowing for seamless integration into the daily operations. While our roots lie in the trades, we also bring a wealth of experience from various other fields, including Real Estate, Sales, Hospitality, Allied Health, and more.

This diverse background equips us with a holistic understanding of business operations and customer service, enabling us to offer comprehensive support across industries.

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