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Jennifer Radman

Jennifer Radman

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Hi there! I’m Jen. I’m a Mindset and Productivity Coach.

I'm privileged to guide and support business-owning mums to bring back the joy to their lives.

For so long, we've been taking on the bulk of the mental load, and extra work our families need to thrive.

I truly believe it's time to find a better balance that works for everyone and stops the sensation that life is one big chore. I've made it my mission to find joy in my own life and teach others how to find theirs.

What you get in my program: 8 x weekly one-hour coaching sessions via zoom so you can really dig deep and get everything you need out of your cluttered head and into actionable tasks.

15-minute weekly check-in calls to keep you focused and talk through anything that has come up for you.

Easy to complete worksheets and exercises to give you an understanding of yourself and your life.

Tools for self-coaching that will last you a lifetime. The things that you put in place in these sessions will empower you to use your intuition and back yourself.

Regular messaging during business hours to ensure you feel supported.

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