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Kirsty Fields

Kirsty Fields

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Social Ocean is a Marketing Agency specialising in Social Media Marketing Training, Corporate Events Marketing and Web/Graphic Design. We assist businesses both small & large, industry bodies & community groups, working closely with clients to discover and unpack your marketing opportunities.

Our knowledge and understanding of Marketing and Event Management enables us to quickly adapt to your businesses needs, offering the right service and advice.

Familiarisation with social media platforms, creating engaging content, ongoing Marketing and Event Plans is a real struggle for business. We help you learn, create, implement & manage marketing campaigns for your business.

Social media and event management can be overwhelming. Our step-by-step friendly, professional advice will take away the guesswork away. Making things clear & easy to understand. You’ll soon have the knowledge & tools needed to feel encouraged, educated & motivated to be proactive with either your social media marketing or future event management.

If you're in need of social media training or event support, contact Social Ocean to learn how we can help your business.

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