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Tony & Candace Salvatucci

Tony & Candace Salvatucci

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Tony & Candace

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Tony is a CPA accountant with a strong background in commerce before venturing into public practice in 2012 with Candace by his side. Together they are passionate about empowering business owners to understand and use their business numbers proactively & with a future focus for personal peace of mind and business growth.

Whilst numbers are an important factor when running your business (and 100% necessary if you want to do it profitably), being able to understand the story those numbers tell is the *critical* part.

Understanding the story behind the numbers is where most small business owners struggle and that is why we see the survival rate of small businesses being only about 50% at the 5-year mark.

Interpreting the numbers is a lot like playing a piano – anyone can bang on a key and make a noise but it takes skill to arrange those notes in the right order and hit them in a way that will create beautiful piece of music!

Numbers are the lifeblood of a business. They determine decisions that impact the future trajectory. Let us help you make smart financial decisions, increase profit and future-proof your business.

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