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Jo Stevens

Jo Stevens

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Hey there! I'm Jo Stevens, your go-to guide for embracing mindfulness and self-awareness on the road to business success.

As a seasoned micro-business owner, I get it—I've walked in your shoes. My journey was marked by the same struggles until I discovered the game-changer: mindfulness and self-awareness. Now, I'm on a mission to help women like you unleash their full potential and sustain the dream of success.

Imagine having your own Quirky Habit Toolkit—a powerful 3-step process designed to reset your mood, shift your thinking, and boost your energy levels. It's not just a toolkit; it's a game plan for success.

Step 1: IDENTIFY - Uncover the emotional habits holding you back from expressing your true, quirky self.

Step 2: UNCOVER TRIGGERS - Identify the triggers blocking your path to authenticity.

Step 3: INSTANTLY APPLY STRATEGIES - Break free from those emotional habits and embrace your true self. As a dedicated businesswoman, I'm not just about words; I'm about action. That's why I co-host the fabulous Ladies Who Long Lunch

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