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Miranda Mayle

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Hi I'm Miranda! I'm a small business and personal brand photographer. I love showing you how the rest of the world sees you and telling the inner critic to buzz off. I'm about creating gorgeous, scroll-stopping images that genuinely connect with your audience, elevate your brand, make marketing easier and ultimately grow your business. I'm not into retouching - just a good hair day, great lighting and a photographer that knows what they're doing!

With affordable, fuss-free, fun photoshoots we'll capture your personality, match your messaging and produce pics you'll adore (even if you hate getting in front of the camera). From action shots to headshots, detail shots, lifestyle shot - you can update profile pics, email signatures, website banners, about page photos, marketing materials, slides and eBooks and create oodles of content.

I work from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula but happy to discuss more exotic locations. My pricing includes ALL the share-worthy images delivered fast.

You are the face your brand has been waiting for!

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