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Have you ever been kept awake at night stressing over how you’re going to pay your bills to keep your business going? You’re frustrated because you’ve got an amazing product that can change people’s lives forever, but you’re struggling to get sales?

And you’re too afraid to tell people about it because the thought of selling makes you feel icky, and you don’t want to be seen as salesy?

If you have, then you’re not alone!

When I started my sales career, I had the same fears and doubt as you do now. I had to learn how to sell my products. I had to take courageous action to overcome my own fear of judgement and rejection. There were times when I wanted to quit but thank goodness, I didn’t.

I got the training, the coaching and I took uncomfortable action.

And now, after 30+ years of front-line sales and management experience, winner of three ‘Representative of The Year’ awards, and a consistent track record of exceeding budget in several Medical and Pharmaceutical multinational corporations, selling comes easy to me.

Today, I help struggling business owners overcome their fear of selling so they can confidently sell their products, grow their business, and make an impact without feeling salesy.

My Sales Confidence Formula helps my clients in the areas of sales confidence, sales strategy, and sales conversation skills. And since every one of my clients is unique, I tailor my coaching using a Sales IQ tool. I identify and coach on their specific areas of sales skills that they need developing.

If you’re committed to growing your business by improving your sales skills and you’re seriously looking to have a business coach help you, then head over to my web site and book a free strategy call with me.

I promise this will be a valuable session whether we decide to work together or not.

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