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Karen Leslie

Karen Leslie

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Hi, I'm Karen Leslie, your WordPress Fairy Godmother. I support established businesswomen over 40 years old, with a growing business who are ignoring their WordPress website..

Their experience of their website is that it's too hard, too frustrating and too time consuming. I give them peace of mind through my ongoing, online webcare plans where their website is maintained and improved, with optional personalised 1:1 zoom meetings.

My services are Australia wide so it doesn't matter where you are I can still support you and your WordPress website.

To know if we're a good fit please schedule a free 30 minute chocolate and a chat session where we can discuss anything you want about your existing WordPress website:

P.S Why chocolate? Because in my world everything is better with chocolate.

P.P.S As much as I love chocolate, it's one chocolate and a chat session per client.

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