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Intergalactic Business Solutions

Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll

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Bookkeeping and accounting - we support growing and start-up businesses across diverse industries by organising their money and enhancing growth and opportunities.

Intergalactic Business Solutions works with growing, start-up, and rescue jobs (where the books have fallen behind by three months or more). We take on the work that was causing you headaches by handling your businesses documentation and compliance and ensuring you will not be chased by the ATO. We love alleviating the pressure your business was causing by making sure all the boxes are ticked and your accounts are up-to-date.

We spend time with our clients to make sure they fully understand their business activities and financial statements so they can realise their goals. We turn weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities, enabling our clients to move forward fearlessly.

We also run a podcast!

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