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Tyrin Stonell

Tyrin Stonell

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HighViz helps local businesses grow and be competitive by using digital solutions that make it easy to win customers, get them back and share their experience online.

How we do it

Our all-in-one customer experience platform makes it easy for businesses to be found online, be chosen by customers and grow through engaging customers.

Why we are different

Not only is our platform trusted by more than 90,000 businesses throughout the world, but we also believe in personal service and take a genuine interest in the success of your business. We want the best local businesses to be found and chosen by customers, so that your business can continue delivering value to your community.

Key Products


Easily request reviews from customers. Manage and reply to customers using one inbox for different sites. Boost your social proof and improve your chances of showing up in local searches.


Monitor your business listings across hundreds of different publishers. Ensure important business information such as your name, address and contact details are correct and consistent.


Engage with customers across multiple social platforms and never miss an important lead.

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