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Laura Pickup

Laura Pickup

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I’m not your regular recruiter, I do things a little differently!

Why? Because I put people first!

I have 9 years Recruitment experience in the UK and Australia.

*Small Business Owners*

Scaling your business is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time! I help you get super clear on your hiring & onboarding strategy by giving you the support, advice and tools to attract, find & onboard the people with the right attitude and skillset who align with you and your business' culture and values.

You can continue to stay in your zone of genius whilst your business continues to grow with the right team in place!

*Looking to completely outsource your recruitment?*

I work with few clients at a time so I can spend more time & attention on matchmaking your business and job opportunity with the best people, saving you time by not having to worry about advertising, reading through hundreds of resume’s, conducting initial interviews, shortlisting and referencing. Let’s not forget the endless time spent following up and chasing people!

Your team is pivotal to your business growth; Hiring at the right time and having a structured, clear onboarding process will set them up to succeed.

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