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Crisp Communications

Abi Gatling

Abi Gatling

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Crisp Communications is a communications and marketing service based in Noosa and Brisbane, Queensland.

We work primarily with:

  • Professional services businesses (Financial Advisers, Accountants, AFSLs - we love the number nerds)

  • Business Coaches (we help their clients implement the strategies that are set for them)

  • Not-for-Profits (we are passionate about making a positive impact on my community)

Crisp helps with:

  • Website design & updates

  • Social media

  • Design of digital & printed marketing materials

  • Podcast production & management

Crisp can work with you via:

  • Crisp on Demand (retainers starting from 8 hours / month)

  • Crisp Snack Pack (10 hours of pre-purchased support you can snack on as you please)

  • Crisp by Design (custom quoting for your project)

Crisp Communications was launched to help small and medium sized businesses with their communications, online social presence and marketing. I work with companies and associations that, due to their size, often don't have the support or expertise in house for their marketing and communication functions, by providing them with tailored services and peace of mind. 

Looking to collaborate with:

Financial Advisers

Business Coaches



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