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Lead Magnets bring in new leads - it's as simple as that! 

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And new leads = more customers!

You know you need a lead magnet, you've had it on your to-do list forever, but you still haven't gotten around to doing it.  There's always something more urgent to do and when you do have a few spare minutes, you don't even know where to start.

I hear you and guess what ... you're not alone!

4 out of 5 small business owners don't have a lead magnet, which means they're leaving money on the table.


Bringing new leads into your business is crucial for the success of your business!

Having the RIGHT lead magnet means you can:

Speak directly to your target audience and show them you understand their problems, their needs and their desires.  Helping you to build trust and credibility.

Show your ideal client that you have the solution that will help them get the results they're been looking for, so that they turn to you when they're ready to buy.

Attract your ideal customer into your business, which means you get to work with the  people you went into to business to help.

Increase your sales because you're attracting the right people, you're building relationships and you're turning prospects into customers.

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Now I know you're thinking ... I really don't have a lot of time.

Which is why I've created a super simple & easy workbook that will walk you through the whole process so that you can create your irresistible lead magnet in just a few hours.

In this workbook, I’ll share with you the 6 simple steps that will help you create your irresistible lead magnet:​

Know Your Audience

By understanding who you're targeting with your freebie, you speak directly to them making your freebie valuable to your new prospect.

Lead Magnet Format

The format of your lead magnet should not only work for you & your goals but also something that your audience will want to use.

Problem They Have

When you show your ideal client you understand their problem, you start to build rapport, trust and credibility.

Your Offer

Your lead magnet needs to seamlessly flow into what you offer in your business so that your new prospect wants to buy from you in the future.

Your Solution

This is where you help your ideal client get the results they've been looking for, building trust & taking them on a journey to buy from you.

Naming Your Freebie

Giving your freebie the right name is crucial to it's success and I’ll share with you an easy way to find a great name that resonates with your audience.

Lead Magnet Freebie Image.jpg
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