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How do I get my business in front of more people?

It's the question I've been asked by hundreds of small business owners AND it's ultimately, what every small business owner wants.

GET YOUR BUSINESS NOTICED e-book, will help you get more eyes on your business = more opportunity for sales!

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Many small business owners think Social Media is the only way to promote their business, they spend hours & hours in FB groups, posting on Instagram, creating reels, making videos for TikTok and the list goes on......

I've met hundreds of small business owners who feel dejected, unmotivated and frustrated because their social media posts are not hitting the mark!  

And they just don't understand what they're doing wrong. Everyone else seems to be making it work.

So they double down and spend even more time in groups, answering questions, sharing tips & tricks and showing up (like they've been told to do) with very little results.

I get it!

As a business coach & mentor, I work with small business owners who struggle with visibility, who struggle to get their business out there.

And after 3 years of seeing what works & what doesn't, I'm now sharing my top 5 tried & tested strategies that work ........... 

Get Your Business Noticed e-Book
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In this 48 page e-Book I'll show you:

  • How to strategically use Social Media for your business to get in front of new audiences.

  • Why creating original content is crucial for the success of your business and one that most small business owners overlook.

  • How to use networking effectively to get known and remembered.

  • Why cross-promotion is the cheapest & easiest way to gain new clients.

  • How to create referral partnerships that, not only produce win/wins for everyone, but also gives you access to a huge network of paying customers.

This e-book gives you step by step action items that you can implement quickly & easily into your business.  It is a fillable PDF so you can make notes & take action along the way.

It is designed so that each chapter stands alone, so if you're not interested in creating referral partnerships at the moment, then you don't need to read that chapter.

If you want to start at Chapter 3 and learn more about networking, then that's ok too.

I love a good template, so I've included a Social Media Strategy & Content template that is completely customisable to suit your business.

Included Bonus


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A completely customisable template to use to keep track of your goals, ideas & social media content all in one place.

Hi I'm Sandra

I founded InSync Business Connections because I'm passionate about helping people succeed.  From my time in the corporate world to now, running my own business I always strive to make things as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

My superpower lies in simplifying the complicated!

I love technology, I'm an Excel nerd and love creating templates that make life & business easier.

With 30 years in the corporate space, setting up and managing call centres, creating processes & procedures, training & mentoring staff, I decided to ditch the 9 to 5 and do my own thing.

I think I was always destined to be my own boss.  My parents were self-employed, so I was exposed to the ins & outs of small business from a young age.  I had my own coaching business while still working full-time and then joined my partner's recruitment business when I left the corporate world.  

With my background in business operations and coaching, I now help other small business owners navigate the complexities of setting up and running their own business.

My ultimate goal is to empower people to be bold, confident & courageous on their business journey.​

Let's Recap

For $9.90 AU you'll receive:

48 page e-book - 5 chapters that give you step-by-step action items that can be easily implemented into your business and help you get more eyes on your business.

Customisable Social Media Strategy & Content template to help you get organised, focused and stay on track with your social media activities.

12 months access to the monthly Q&A sessions, where you get personalised guidance and help for your business.

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Grab your copy of
today for AU $9.90
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