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Are your business systems all over the place?

Do you waste time looking for something that you know you've created, but can't remember where you saved it?


Have you tried lots of different systems but found none of them really worked for you?

Guess what...   You're not alone!

When you started your business you wanted to focus on helping people & doing what you love... right?

Then you realised there's a whole lot of 'stuff' that you need to do just to keep your business running!

Taxes, invoices, emails, updating your website, social media posting, contracts, newsletters, the list is endless...

And then you have to have a place to save things, systems to keep everything up-to-date, multiple to-do list so you don't forget anything.

Then it becomes a logistical nightmare trying to keep track of where everything is saved. 


And then trying to remember what you named it... because you know you created it but where did it go?


I've tried dozens of systems from Excel to Trello, Google tasks to TickTick and none of them really worked for me.  That was until I met Notion!

Notion has been a game changer for me!

I'm organised, I'm planned, I'm proactive and best of all I'm no longer overwhelmed by "all the things" I have to do in my business.

Now imagine that for your business...

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So, What is this Business Untangled program?

Business Untangled is a 4 week hands-on program designed to help you get super organised in your business.

Over the 4 weeks, there will be 8 x 1 hour sessions*.

The first session of the week will be the 'learning' session where I'll show you what to do. The second session will be the 'implementation' session where you can come along and implement what you've learnt, ask questions and get guidance.

*All sessions are recorded if you are unable to attend one of them.

What's Included?

Here's what we'll cover over the 4 weeks:


Bus Untangled 1.jpg

We'll look at:

  • An overview of Notion pages & databases

  • Adding your business information into Notion



I'll share with you:

  • How to keep all of your to-do's in one place

  • How to plan & organise all of your business activities so you are more efficient with your time

screenshot-3-13-2024  4_36 pm.jpg


screenshot-3-13-2024  4_39 pm.jpg

I'll help you:

  • Transition your business documentation into Notion

  • Organise your documents for easy access



I'll share with you:

  • A system that makes planning your social media posts simple & easy

  • How to link Notion to Canva or other design tools so everything is at your fingertips

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You'll Also Get:

A plug & play, ready to go Notion template that has space for all of your business information.  It's easy to use, you'll have everything at your fingertips and best of all you won't be wasting time searching for those documents that seem to have somehow gone missing.

Adult Students

Are You Thinking... Is This Program For Me?

Now that's a great question!

If you're tired of having all of your business information in multiple places, post-it notes all over your office, or not having a simple and effective system that makes it easy to run your business...

Then, you're in the right place.

This program will give you the systems to run your business in a more organised, efficient and proactive way.  

When are the Sessions?

Week 1:

Learning session - Tuesday 2nd April @ 1.30pm AEST

Implementation session - Thursday 4th April @ 3pm AEST

Week 2:

Learning session - Tuesday 9th April @ 1.30pm

Implementation session - Thursday 11th April @ 9am AEST

Week 3:

Learning session - Monday 15th April @ 4pm

Implementation session - Wednesday 17th April @ 11am AEST

Week 4:

Learning session - Monday 22nd April @ 4pm AEST

Implementation session - Wednesday 24th April @ 11am AEST




I get it...


I hear it from my clients all the time, they sign up for trainings and programs and then struggle to make time for them, it happens to me as well.

That's the reason I've included the implementation sessions so you can schedule the time into your calendar and make it happen.  You'll also have full access to all the replays, so if life gets in the way, you'll be able to watch the recordings when you have time.

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Bus Untangled 1.jpg
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Busnss Untangled
Business Untangled: Organising your business with Notion

$97* (AUD)

*includes GST

At the End of the 4 weeks

Notion Template Example 2
MOCKUP IMAGE  LARGE (2)_edited.jpg

You'll have all of your business information in one place and at your fingertips!


You'll have a system that makes sending newsletters, creating social media posts and keeping track of your day-to-day activities a breeze.

You'll know exactly what to work on when you sit down at your desk each day and you'll feel energised, organised and ready to make things happen. 

Hi there! I'm Sandra Buckley

Sandra Buckley & Laptop

I'm the founder of InSync Business Connections and I have a passion for helping small business owners build their own automated lead generation machine so they can have a continuous flow of new prospects coming in the door 24/7.

My superpower lies in simplifying technology & providing step by step processes, giving small business owners the knowledge & courage to use technology to their advantage.

With a background in business operations & 30 years experience in corporate, I now train entrepreneurs in business strategy, systemisation, list building & social media content creation.

My ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs to be bold, confident & courageous on their business journey.

This is a pilot program!

This is my first time of running a group program on Notion!  I've been helping small business owners transition their business over to the Notion platform for the past 8 months and have seen such a major transformation in their productiveness, their freedom to focus on doing what they love and the sense of ease that comes with being organised!

As a pilot program it will only be offered at this price once and is only available until Sunday 31st March & will be limited to 10 people.


And as a pilot program, I will be asking for your feedback, what else would you like to see included, what do you think could be done differently, etc.

Business Untangled starts in:

  • How do I connect with other business owners?
    All members in our business directory are open to connecting and collaborating with other business owners. To find a business to collaborate with, search the Member Directory by Industry type and read their profile to decide if this a business you would like to connect with. Their contact details are available on their profile.
  • It seems rather cheap?
    We've kept the price resonable so all levels of small business owners can afford the membership fee, from people just starting out to experienced, long-standing business owners.
  • Why would I join a membership site to connect with other business owners?
    InSync Business Connections opens the door for like-minded business owners to connect. Every business on the site has been vetted, operates in Australia and is already open to collaborating with other business owners. Unlike physical networking events where you don't know if the person sitting next to you is someone you can collaborate with, InSync Business Connections allows you to target the exact industry & business owners within that industry.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership, click on your name at the top of any InSync web page and select "My Subscriptions" from the drop down menu. You'll see your membership subscriptions listed, select the subscription you wish to cancel and select "Cancel Subscription". Your membership will cancel as at the date shown, so you will retain all membership benefits until the cancellation date. If you cancel within the 30 day trial period, you will not be charged. Refunds are not issued. Your membership remains open until your cancellation date.
  • I have a very niche market, so how would it work for me?"
    Even those businesses with a very niche market can still connect & collaborate with other business owners. Many of our members have very niche markets, which makes the site the perfect platform to find other niche business owners. If your business only collaborates with large organisations, than this site may not be suitable.
 InSync Business Connections
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